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'The people who live at Elmslea are offered the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities and occupations both at home and in the community. People state they have choices about how they spend their time'

Social Worker
'I think Elmslea provides a unique environment for individuals who may be difficult to place in current resources'

'A caring though structured environment enabling people to develop and reach their full potential'

' I have seen 3 star homes which are not as good
as this'


' I don't know what would have happened to me if I didn't have the support of this home'

'It's good here'

'A' has improved 100 %'

'N' has improved a great deal since being at Elmslea to the extent that she is now getting ready to move to more independent living.I feel the concentration on improving her life,giving her structure and routine,giving her purpose to live and a sense of belonging is what has made all the difference to N's future'

Elmslea Care 'Transforms lives'

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